NEET chapter wise weightage 2021 marks Physics, Chemistry, Biology Explained

NEET chapter wise weightage 2021: NTA NEET is the sole entrance examination for those who wanted to pursue a career in the medical field areas. Because it is the one-stop examination for most type of medical course programs, the competition for the exam is enhancing with time. The level of examination is now progressing and becoming tougher and tougher as the year passes. Thus, only the students with the strategy will be able to ace the examination in one go.

This article is for all the NEET Aspirants who are going to appear in the entrance test of NEET-UG 2021. In this article, we are about to share some of the important topics for the NEET Exam, the weightage of each topic and subject-wise analysis of the NEET Syllabus. Students will also get information on the NEET Question Paper with a section-wise analysis for each subjects.

The article is for all the students but especially for those who do not have the privilege of attending elite coaching institutions. So, readers who are appearing for NTA NEET UG 2021 are especially advised to check out this article and read till the end. I am very sure that you will get some prerequisite information related to exam and few tips as well which will definitely help you in the exam.

Prepare for NEET UG 2021

The foremost step to secure good marks in any examination is to create a plan. Making a strategy for their examination is essential to keep the focus on some topics or subject that are important and appear almost every year in the exam. The syllabus for this year is legitimate to get some reductions overall but the topic weightage will almost be the same.

For the examination of 2021, the exam date has been announced by the NTA. The exam will be held on 1 August 2021. Although, keeping the view of the ongoing pandemic situation speculations are always there. Last Year, the exam was postponed several times. The situation may be the same anyhow but those who made up their minds don’t worry about such halts.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to know the NEET 2021 chapter wise weightage to preparation and this will help the candidate in deciding the necessary time he/she should devote to which subject & chapter. Check out the topics discussed below and you will be exam ready whenever NTA conducts its NEET 2021.

NEET chapter wise weightage 2021 marks

The % Weightage of NEET 2021 topics is the topmost question that students ask us and therefore today we will discuss NTA NEET Weightage For Physics, Chemistry, Biology 2021 chapter wise. We are dividing the NEET Chapter Wise Weightage marks as per the subjects so that you can easily understand the concept of each topic.

After knowing the question distribution scheme of NEET question paper chapter wise, it becomes easy and streamlined for a candidate for their preparation as they can now focus more on the important topics at the last stage of the exam. Our team has accumulated the NEET 2021 Chapter Wise Weightage and Important Topics for the candidates.

Talking about the paper, the NEET Question paper will have 180 MCQ type questions. The exam will be divided into Physics and Chemistry having 45 questions respectively and 90 questions will be asked from Biology (including Botany & Zoology). The syllabus will be as per the Class 11 & 12 NCERT books. The marking scheme is also simple, for every correct answer candidate will be awarded 4 marks and for every wrong answer, one mark will be subtracted.

NEET 2021 Chapter Wise Weightage For Physics

The Physics question under NEET 2021 Question Paper comprises the majority of Mechanical properties of solids & fluids. However, semi-conductors is the least asked topic. Candidate should practice as much as possible for topics include Laws of Motion, Alternating Current & Work Energy Power, these subjects can be said do or die chapters for physics neet 2021. As per our analysis chapters with above 5% should be given top priority while preparation and then move to lower % weightage.

Analysis of Physics Paper

  1. Out of all sections, Physics usually is the toughest.
  2. NEET 2021 had more weightage marks from the Class XI syllabus.
  3. It consists of about 55% easy questions.
  4. Candidates gave more time in physics as it had lengthy calculations.
  5. Most of the questions from Class XI Mechanics, Modern Physics and Electrodynamics.
  6. As per analysis and student’s point of view, physics had 10 easy, 27 medium levels and 8 difficult questions.
TopicNo. of QuestionsMarks
Modern Physics832
Heat and Thermodynamics520
SHM & Waves416

PHYSICS Weightage marks of NEET Topics in Past Year’s Question Papers.

Chapters and TopicsNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksWeightage (%)
Current Electricity284.44%
Electro Magnetic Field3126.67%
Electro-Magnetic Induction284.44%
Heat & Thermodynamics52011.11%
Heat Transfer284.44%
KTG & Thermodynamics3126.67%
Circular Motion142.22%
Elasticity & Viscosity142.22%
Fluid Mechanics & Properties of Matter142.22%
Newton’s Laws of Motion142.22%
Rectilinear Motion & Vectors142.22%
Relative Motion142.22%
Rigid Body Dynamics3126.67%
Unit & Dimension142.22%
Work, Power & Energy142.22%
Modern Physics83217.78%
Electromagnetic waves & communication142.22%
Modern Physics3126.67%
Nuclear Physics142.22%
Geometrical Optics & Physical Optics284.44%
Wave optics3126.67%
SHM & Waves4168.89%
Sound Waves284.44%

Important NEET Topics for Physics

Every candidate must be proficient with Mechanics topic of Physics. There was about 12-13 questions asked in NEET exam that makes it top chapter.

ChapterTimes Concepts AskedPercentage Concepts Asked
Ray Optics366.4
Semiconductors and Communication System346.04
Photoelectric Effect and Electromagnetic Waves335.86
Rotational Motion325.68
Current Electricity315.50
Laws of Thermodynamics315.50
Waves and Sound305.32
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current274.79
Magnetic Effects of Current274.79

NEET 2021 Chapter Wise Weightage For Chemistry

Out of 180 questions, 45 question are from Chemistry which is divided into three categories such as Organic, inorganic, and physical and all of them cover nearly the same percentage in the examination, but candidates should focus more on s-block, p-block, d-block & f-block. Organic chemistry must be prepared by the students thoroughly. Do or die chapters for chemistry neet 2021 are Chemical Bonding, Coordination Compounds, Carbonyl Compounds, Organic Chemistry-I. Following tables show the NEET topic-wise weightage.

Chemistry Paper Analysis

  1. For some years organic Chemistry has been receiving the highest weightage, as compared to inorganic Chemistry.
  2. In the Chemistry section, most of the questions were asked from Class XII.
  3. 31% of the questions in this sections are considered easy by the students.
  4. Last year chemistry section was full of conceptual and application-based.
  5. Students must know every point and have clarity, as the paper was more toward testing student’s clarity of topics.
  6. Questions from Class XI were of the middle
TopicNo. of QuestionsMarks
Inorganic Chemistry- I832
Inorganic Chemistry- II832
Organic Chemistry- I312
Organic Chemistry- II1352
Physical Chemistry- I728
Physical Chemistry- II624

Chemistry chapter wise weightage marks of NEET Topics in Past Year’s Question Papers.

Chapters and TopicsNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksWeightage (%)
Inorganic Chemistry-I83217.78%
Chemical Bonding31211.11%
Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properties142.22%
Inorganic Chemistry-II83217.78%
Coordination Compounds4168.89%
d-block & f-block Elements284.44%
Qualitative Analysis142.22%
Organic Chemistry-I3126.67%
General Organic Chemistry-II3126.67%
Organic Chemistry-II135228.89%
Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether (Reaction Mechanism)284.44%
Aromatic Compounds142.22%
Carbonyl Compounds4168.89%
Chemistry in Every Life142.22%
Environmental Chemistry142.22%
IUPAC & Isomerism284.44%
Practical Organic Chemistry142.22%
Physical Chemistry-I72815.56%
Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium142.22%
Chemical Equilibrium284.44%
Ionic Equilibrium142.22%
Mole Concept142.22%
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry284.44%
Physical Chemistry-II62413.33%
Chemical Kinetics284.44%
Solid State142.22%
Solution & Colligative Properties142.22%
Surface Chemistry142.22%

Important NEET Topics for Chemistry

Every candidate must be proficient with Organic Chemistry in Chemistry. Around 14-15 questions asked in the previous year exam that makes it top chapter.

ChapterTimes Concepts AskedPercentage Concepts Asked
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure3710.05
General Organic Chemistry256.8
p Block Elements225.97
Alkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes (Hydrocarbons)205.43
Atomic Structure174.61
Carbonyl Compounds (Aldehydes and Ketones)164.34
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties164.34
Solutions and Colligative Properties164.34
Ionic Equilibrium154.07
Chemical Thermodynamics133.53
d and f Block Elements123.26

NEET 2021 Chapter Wise Weightage For Biology

As we all know, Biology is sub-divided into Zoology & Botany. The following table illustrates the biology paper analysis and show topic-wise weightage of question paper. Biology section consists of 90 questions. There were topics that had only a few questions in the paper, but since they were the easiest of all; one should not ignore them like digestion & absorption, Transportation in plants, etc. Do or Die NEET 2021 topics in Biology are Plant Anatomy, Pollination, DNA Replication, Photosynthesis, PAGE Theory, Endocrine System, Excretory and Nervous System, Digestive System.

Biology Paper Analysis

A few years back Biology was the easiest of all the sections but now the trends show that NEET biology difficulty level is rising year by year.

  1. About 70% of questions under the sections are marked difficult by the students.
  2. Biology will have a question from every chapter in the syllabus.
  3. NCERT was the main source of the question.
  4. The top two topics were from Human Physiology and Plant Physiology as they carry maximum weightage.
  5. The Paper had 45 questions from class XII and 45 from Class XI.
  6. Zoology cover most part from Class XII.
  7. Botany cover most part from Class XI.

BOTANY – Weightage of various NEET Topics in Past Year’s Question Papers

Chapters and TopicsNumber of QuestionTotal MarksWeightage (%)
Biological Classification3126.00%
Kingdom Monera284.00%
Cell Biology4168.00%
Cell Division284.00%
Prokaryotic Cell142.00%
Biosphere Reverse142.00%
Environmental Issues142.00%
Population Growth Model142.00%
Blood Grouping142.00%
Genetic Disorders284.00%
Mendal’s Biography142.00%
Mendal’s Selected Characters142.00%
Living World142.00%
Taxonomics Aids142.00%
Molecular Basis of Inheritance62412.00%
DNA Packing142.00%
DNA Replication284.00%
Genetic Code142.00%
Genetic Material142.00%
RNA Processing142.00%
Root Modification142.00%
Morphology of flowering plants142.00%
Plant Anatomy3126.00%
Secondary Growth284.00%
Plant Kingdom62412.00%
Life Cycles142.00%
Plant Morphology284.00%
Steam Modification142.00%
Cellular Respiration142.00%
Mineral Nutrition-Biological Nitrogen Fixation142.00%
Plant Growth and Development142.00%
Water Transport142.00%
Water Transport- Water Potential142.00%
Reproduction in Flowering Plant52010.00%
Embryo Sac142.00%

ZOOLOGY – Weightage of various NEET Topics in Past Year’s Question Papers

Chapters and TopicsNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksWeightage (%)
Animal Kingdom3127.50%
Chordates and Hemichordates142.50%
Animal Morphology142.50%
Animal Physiology142.50%
Frog Reproductive System142.50%
RNA processing142.50%
Artificial Vector145.00%
Horse Evolution142.50%
Human Health and Disease3127.50%
Immune System285.00%
Infectious Disease142.50%
Human Physiology166440.00%
Circulatory System142.50%
Digestive System3127.50%
Endochrine System41610.00%
Excretory System285.00%
Nervous System285.00%
Respiratory System142.50%
Sense Organs142.50%
Skeleton System285.00%
Human Reproduction142.50%
Male Reproductive System142.50%
Microbes in Human Welfare3127.50%
Industrial Products142.50%
Sewage Treatment142.50%
Reproductive Health285.00%
Artificial Fertilisation142.50%
Contraceptives Method142.50%
Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production285.00%
Animal Husbandry142.50%
Artificial Selection142.50%

Important NEET Topics for Biology

No single chapter most important, as all are important. We could not find any correlation. So students should study all chapter equally. However, you should follow the above-given advice.

ChapterTimes Concepts AskedPercentage Concepts Asked
Principles of Inheritance and Variation397.53
Cell – The Unit of Life387.34
Biological Classification285.41
Morphology of Flowering Plants285.41
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants285.41
Plant Kingdom203.86
Human Health and Disease183.47
Human Reproduction183.47
Environmental Issues173.28
Chemical Coordination and Integration163.09
Digestion and Absorption163.09

NEET Marks Distribution for All Subjects between Class XI and Class XII

SubjectClass XIClass XII
No. of QuestionsTotal marksNo. of questionsTotal marks

Do or Die Chapters for NEET 2021

There are some chapters in the NEET Examination, that the student need to prepare for sure. These are:

  • Physics: Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Heat & Thermodynamics and Optics.
  • Chemistry: Organic Chemistry
  • Biology: Ecology and all other chapters.

NEET Chapter Wise Weightage PDF

To get the Chapter wise weightage for NEET 2021 pdf download you need to save this page as PDF by pressing Ctrl+P on your keyword in google chrome and then select output as Save as PDF. That way you can also get the NEET 2021 syllabus weightage pdf download from here.

NEET 2021 Cut Off Percentile

Here is the minimum percentile that needs to be obtained to qualify NEET 2021.

Others50th Percentile
OBC40th Percentile
SC40th Percentile
ST40th Percentile
UR & PH45th Percentile
OBC & PH40th Percentile
SC & PH40th Percentile
ST & PH40th Percentile

NEET 2021 Cut Off Marks

The exact score, which is as per the cut off percentile, will be officially available when NTA declares the NEET 2021 Result. For now, students can check last year’s cut off marks to get a rough idea about it.

It will be available after the release by NTA. We will update it here for your knowledge. So do not forget to hit the like button on Facebook and bookmark us for visiting again.

Cut Off Marks (2020)

Others/UR50th Percentile720-1476,82,406
OBC40th Percentile146-11361,265
SC40th Percentile146-11319,572
ST40th Percentile146-1137,837
UR/ EWS & PH45th Percentile146-12999
OBC & PH40th Percentile128-113233
SC & PH40th Percentile128-11370
ST & PH40th Percentile128-11318

As per the cut off applicable, the following statistics of qualified candidates were calculated.


Hope you got a definite idea about the NEET chapter wise weightage 2021 marks. In case we missed something please tell us in the comment section, or you can use it to ask your doubt or query. Our team is always ready to help aspirants.

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