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Getcetgo Login Online App: The government of Karnataka announced the launch of a Crash Course costing less than INR 40 for the aspirants of various entrance exams. This crash will contain course programs for the students who are preparing for exams of JEE, NEET and CET 2021. It is a novel initiative by the CM of Karnataka, Shri B.S. Yediyurappa, which aims to increase the accessibility of study material to all the students of the State.

The app has been recently updated with the addition of crash courses for the aspirants of various entrance exams. So, in this article, we will discuss the GetCETgo application. Readers will get some Insights on the Web portal for Getcetgo, log in to the portal, crash course and much more. Readers are advised to read out till the end to gain some essential knowledge about the GETCetGO portal and application.

Getcetgo Karnataka- Overview

Article CategoryApp and Web Portal Login
Name GetCETgo
Department Department of Higher Education
Launched byCM B.S. Yediyurappa
Launched for Aspirants of JEE, CET, NEET
Helpline 9513743837 (Calling Time- 9 AM to 6 PM)

About Getcetgo

The launching of GetCETGo was a result of a special drive by the state of Karnataka to provide the students of the state with online study material. GETCETGO contains study material of different types ranging from Practice Questions, Mocks to Chapter-Wise test series for the students. The application of the Getcetgo also contains some useful videos developed for revision purposes. Students can access all this material through various platforms like the android app, web portal and Youtube channel.


The application and web portal was launched with the prime purpose of giving benefits to the students of the state who actually need them. With features of test series, mock tests, video lectures and all other study material, this app is a much of an opportunity for students to gather study material at a low price range.

As we know the prices of these courses, this application and portal are more of a boon to the students of the state. The application was launched last year, in 2020 due to the prevailing conditions of the COVID-19 Pandemic which made it difficult for the students to gather study material for exam preparations. Thus, keeping in concern the students, this initiative was launched.

It is estimated, that the application will benefit more than two lakh students of the state. Also, it intends to increase the admission of Karanataka students into the IITs.

GetcetGo Features

Some of the features embodied in the Web portal and Application of the Getcetgo are given below:

  • Live Test Series- It has a future of live tests in the classroom. Students can also interact with their teachers on the app.
  • Test Analysis- Students will get an analysis of the tests attempts by him/ her. It will be self-analysis as well as comparative.
  • Study Material- Documents, Tests and Videos.
  • Discussion Streaming- This feature is specially developed for the students to clear their doubts on various taught topics.
  • Easy Downloading- The app is very compatible with the internet and within few minutes you will be able to download the study material.
  • Learning Management System- The app of GetCETgo is a complete e-learning package for preparing the students for the exam.

New Update

As per the New Update on the Getcetgo, the authority has also added a crash course for the aspirants of NEET, KCET and JEE. With the new update, the government claims to provide the crash course to the student for less than INR 40. The study material for the students is now available to the candidates in the form of a crash course launched by the Chief Minister of the state.

As per the Deputy CM of the state, C N Ashwath Narayan, the update will be highly beneficial to the students who belong to the backwards section of the society. He also claims that the app will help children with weak socio-economic structure by providing them with this study material at a minimal cost.

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How to access Study Material on GetCETgo?

The GetCETgo has three different types of login to provide access to the students via different modes. The students who register on the portal will be able to access the material through any of the sources made available by the authority. For availing all the services and study material offered by the Getcetgo, student need to Login first and start using the app. All the login modes have been mentioned in the sections below:

Login to Web Portal

To access the study material through the Web portal of Getcetgo, the student can very easily log in to their portal and start using it. In order to get the study material through the web page, students first need to login into the portal. You can follow these steps to log in and start using the portal.

  • Visit the official page of the GetCETGo and click on the option of ‘LOGIN‘ available on the homepage.
  • Clicking on the Login button, you will be directed to another page. Click on the Login option on this new page.
  • A new pop up window page will open where you need to fill in your Username and Password.
  • A Dashboard for various content will open for you. You can now access any material available on the portal.

Login to Getcetgo Android Application

To access content via the Android application, the candidate has to download two applications. These two applications work together to provide learning services to the students. One is Edureader and the other is the GetCETGo app. The app is 350 MB with study material and has a rating of 3.9 on the Google play store. To login on to the application, students can follow these steps:

  • To start with the login, firstly, make sure you download both of the applications mentioned above, on your android device.
  • Tap on application. A login window will open up.
  • On the open window, enter your password and username.
  • You will now be on the homepage of the application.
  • You will see a permission notice to download the study material data. Click on ‘Yes’.
  • You will see different study material/ courses on the homepage, subject-wise.
  • You can download any of this material as per your requirement.
GetCETgo Android App

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GetCETGo YouTube Videos

Access to the study material is also provided by the government on their YouTube channel. Students can search the ‘Get CET Go’ channel directly on YouTube. Otherwise, students will also be able to access these videos through the android app. After that, students can access various material on the YouTube. All videos on the channel are released in different phases.

Also, three are different playlist for the exams of JEE, CET and NEET. So, students can study accordingly. These playlists will be arranged subject-wise for these exams. We have depicted the playlist of GetCETgo in the picture below.

GetCETgo Video Playlist

Students can subscribe to the channel and click on the notification button to receive notification about the video uploads. All type of content ranging from live videos to mock test will also be available on the YouTube channel of GetCETGo.

How to Download Crash Course/ Study Material on GetCETgo?

Any student who wants to download any type of Crash Course or the study material can do so. The free online crash courses are available for NEET, JEE and KCET 2021 exams. To download it, the student has to log in either on the android app. All of the material present on the app will be in a downloadable format. So, users and easily download all the material and practice at their own convenience.

The material you download will be accessible offline as well. So, the aspirants can prepare for the exam offline also once they download all the material.

Important Links

Link to download the android appDownload Here
GetCETGo YouTube ChannelCheck Here
Official Web Portal LinkClick Here


How can I login to the GetCETGo?

Users can login through their mobile device using the GetCETgo app or through their computer using the web portal of GetCETgo. Login option is available on both the mediums, you check more details on it in our article.

How can I know my username on the GetCETgo?

The username for any student logging in, will be his/ her mobile number. This number will be the one entered during the registration on the portal.

Can I use the GetCETgo app offline?

Yes. You can use the app offline once you download all the study material.

Where can I find the video link on GetCETgo?

All the videos on GetCETgo are also made available on the YouTube channel of the authority. On the web portal, you can find the video link under the ‘Readme Videos CET‘ section.

How can I find my homework on the GetCETgo app?

Finding homework is easy on GetCETgo. Students have to go to video they need homework of. Under the heading of the lecture video, homework will be attached.

What is the homework format on the app?

On the app, students can do homework, which is an MCQ type question test. This test is to be taken by the candidate only once.

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