Best YouTube Channel For NEET Online Preparation 2020

Best YouTube Channel For NEET: The National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) is the major examination which provides graduate candidates with a unique opportunity to get admission in medical courses (MBBS) the dental course and the Post Graduate course. The NEET qualified candidate is eligible to take admission in any government or Private college of their choice all across India.

The NEET UG examination has successfully replaced the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) which was considered as the benchmark in entrance exam category including all the individual exams conducted by state and colleges. NEET examination witnesses a very tough competition every year as the seats are limited in number and candidates have to compete among lakhs of other candidates to be able to qualify the examination.

Best YouTube Channel For NEET

Best YouTube Channel For NEET

Last year more than 10 lakh candidates appeared and with such a tough competition to face every candidate must prepare themselves flawlessly to achieve good marks to qualify the examination of NEET. Further, we will read about the various methods for the preparation of examination and some source of education to help the candidates modify the method of studying for the NEET preparations.

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The most useful thing this YouTube channels. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime at the convenience of the candidate and help them prepare for the examination in the best possible manner.

The Following is the list of YOUTUBE channels that candidates can watch and learn from and prepare accordingly for the NEET examination –

  1. Exam Fear channel– It is a popular channel for the NEET exam preparation it is considered as a one-stop channel for all the information regarding the topics of examination and is absolutely free for all. This channel was started in the year 2011 and has a huge number of tutorial videos which are uploaded on a regular basis and cove subject’s like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with solved papers and all topics are explored in detail for the maximum use of exam related topics. This channel has user subscription 2 lakh in total and has total number of 5k videos which cover almost all the syllabus from the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and All the candidates can subscribe to this channel and get the desired information on the NEET examination syllabus and prepare for it with complete dedication and utilize the benefit.
  1. Akash iTutor– This channel helps the candidates who do not get the access to Akash Classroom program initiative. It was started in the year 2012 and the total number of user subscription of this channel is 63k in total and it has a vast variety of videos on the exam related topics which are very well explained to the students by the Akash Faculty to help make the e-learning process as easy as possible.

The Akash iTutor channel provides access to the following topics:

  • E-books are made available to students in High quality
  • All India Akash Test series which covers the Assessment, Quizzes and the Flagships as well are provided to the students.
  • The lectures from the Akash institute top teachers are recorded and provided to the students.
  • Students can also prepare for NEET JEE preparation.

Besides the channel, the institute also has an android app which is capable of providing lectures to the candidates in High video quality on topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for the NEET preparation 2018.

  1. learning India – The channel was first launched in 2012 since then it has been amongst the topmost channels for the NEET exam preparations this channel provides Video lectures on various topics of the NEET examination from the topmost Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology are always loaded in the internal and external hard drive with an application compatible for all the Operating Systems. The Number of Subscribers are over 66k for this channel and the course videos are uploaded in Hindi as well as English formats to help the candidates understand and learn the topics more thoroughly. This channel also provides the tutorial for the IIT JEE examination as well.
  1. Etoos Education– It was launched in the year 2013 and since then it has been proved to be a hub for the NEET exam preparation center, it provides the candidates with the method to prepare for the examination in the budget learning system. The number of subscribers tells the success story of this channel as it is the provides the study material not only for the Indian candidates but also to the students abroad by using the modern software’s and tools for learning the concept of the examination process and the topics to prepare. The lectures are recorded in high quality and from the best teacher of the country. Channel also provides the lecture on the preparation of NEET JEE.
  1. Khan Academy – Students from all over the world benefits from this useful learning channel which is helping in the exam preparations for the students. The channel was first launched in the year 2006 its main aim is to provide education for all the students and it is a nonprofit organization which works for the right to education moto. Channel has an enormous amount of subscribers 29 lakhs in total which are also the source of its popularity on YouTube. It provides the subscribers with the practice exercise, instructional videos along with the personalized learning format which is a perfect source of learning for the students to understand the topics at their own time and convenience. Channel covers the NEET examination topics from the subjects such as Mathematics, History, Economics, and The language barrier has been overcome in this channel as it provides lectures to students in more than 36 languages which is itself a milestone as the students learning ability is kept to the topmost priority.

NOTEThe above-mentioned information is for the NEET exam preparation from YOUTUBE channel and the list of channel provided is the best and most popular channels for the NEET exam preparation it is for the best possible exam preparation if the candidates want to search for more useful channels that provide the tutorials for the NEET exam they can look for catalyst, Free Siksha, Resonance which are also very popular in providing the candidates the information to prepare for the examination. Candidates can also look for the official channels of the institutions which prepare the candidates for the examination. If candidates have any doubt regarding the channels listed above, they can search in the YouTube search box by entering the NEET exam preparation for 2018 and get the complete list of channels which provide the information for the NEET 2018 examination and watch the videos which suits them best and prepare for the examination accordingly to score good marks and be eligible for the admission process of Medical course of the colleges and make a bright and prosperous carrier in the stream.

The information of the list of channels from YouTube is the best way to learn the exam related topic and prepare for the examination at the candidate’s convenience and revise the topic which they consider are difficult and prepare in the best way possible for the examination.

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