Best NEET Android Apps For Preparation

Need Best Android Apps for preparing for neet entrance test, then we have made the list of neet android apps which offer best tips and can make the real difference in cracking NEET 2018.


List of Best NEET Android Apps


  1. NEET 2018, AIIMS UG Preparation Biology, Phy, Chem (Offered by EduRev)

NEET 2018, AIIMS UG Preparation Biology, Phy, Chem (Offered by EduRev)This application won the Best app award of 2017 which was derived from EduRev by Google. Only a few apps get this kind of honor.

It is one of the best apps you may find on Google play store.

This app has got NEET video lectures which in turn provides syllabus notes, study material, problems and their solutions even IIT books are available for free download. Which will clear your doubts.

It has comprehensive study package for the students who are studying for this exam. It also covers free access to test series which are conducted online for Neet main with 12 chapter -wise practice test by the recognized institute of the country.

It has various exam patterns test that student will fill he or she is giving the real exam.

The main features of this app is-you can connect to social learning network all over the India where around 14 lakhs students are there. This app believes in converting a weakness into the strength.

Many customisation options are available in this app so that you don’t have to worry about your choice.

The languages are simple and you don’t have to worry about it.

Even teachers are sharing their expert knowledge that means you will get the full explanation of your doubt.

Videos for better understanding, real-life competition with students, in that test analysis, open forum to discuss your problems and providing solutions for the same.

In short, this app is your next classroom and best place to revise before exams.

This app has got the rating of 4.6 in Google play store.

It requires android 4.4 and up.

Around 5 lakh students have downloaded it.

PayTM integration is also there for payment purposes.

This app is the most active app as it gets updated on time to time basis.


2. MEDICAL GURU (Offered by Dr. Atul Tiwari)  

MEDICAL GURU (Offered by Dr. Atul Tiwari)The best thing about this app is that it has built-in 29,000 MCQs of various medical subjects, they are arranged subject -wise and topic-wise. No separate download of question bank is necessary. This application is available off-line. It has option to randomize questions. But if you want to see the images then Internet connection is required. It has discussion board also, where you can ask your problem and others will reply to it may be related to errors differences or explanation etc. You can also log in it with your social website like Facebook, Google etc.

This is designed for quickly revision of medical examination, it is useful for students who are undergraduate, preparing for various exams related to the medical field and also can help teachers and doctors.

If you’re online, then there are possibilities that you will see third party apps on this application and that can be the bit of annoying.

The size of the app is around or approach to 30 MB. If your internal memory low than there is another sibling of this app called medical study. You can download it too but it requires a separate download of question banks.

Around 50,000 students have downloaded it and it requires Android version 4.0.3 and up. The Google play store it has got a rating of 4.3 which is good.

If this app is crashing on your mobile phone, then you can contact directly to Dr. Atul Tiwari through email at




NEET PRACTICE (Offered by KRV SOLUTIONS)This application also contains MCQs from physics, biology, and chemistry. Here you can attempt unlimited times. In Every attempt, you get option to around 11 to 50 questions. All questions are on shuffle basis. You will get the result either your correct or wrong in the end of practice paper.

This App is designed by It will help you in improving your knowledge about PCB subjects.

Though in reviews it has got mixed comments, some are happy some are not happy but still, This app has been downloaded by around or approximately 5 lakhs students.

It requires android 2.3 and up.

It has got a rating of 4.0 in Google play store.



4. NEET PREPARATION OFFLINE 2018 (Offered by Praveen Yuva)

Neet_best_andriod_appsThis is another great application for this exam preparation. It contains all the previous biology questions which were asked in NEET AIPMT till 2017.

It has several practices test on previous year basis. And by completing the test you can know your score. This is an off-line app. So Internet connection is not required.

Though it contains third-party advertisement your phone has an Internet connection. But if you’re off-line very less advertisement will come your way.

Prepare anytime anywhere with this app. And after each practice test, the summary will be shown indicating your percentage and Marks.

This app has got a rating of 4.4 in Google play store.

Around 5 lakh students have downloaded it.

It has in-app products also may cost you Rs. 100 per item.

It requires android 4.0.3 and up.



5. NEET Biology MCQs (Offered by Plan B Systems)

best_neet_preparation_andriod_appThis app focuses on mainly biology subject and hears MCQs are on chapter -wise basis which are very useful for the people were looking for a specific set of questions.

Chapters like-diversity of living organism, cell structure and function, plant physiology, the reproduction, genetics and evolution, ecology and environment, biotechnology and its applications etc. are included in this app.

This app claims to be active and to give you the best possible experience you can give a review about it either in the comments section of Google play store or direct mailing to them at

This app has got the rating of 4.3 in Google play store

the reviews are mixed up and it has got around or approx. to 1 lakh downloads.

It was android 4.0 and up.

This app contains advertisements when you are online. Just be sure that this app is specifically designed for biology subject only.



6. NEET 2018 Exam Preparation & 10 Years Solved Paper (Offered by forward Brain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

NEET_best_app_for_preparationThis is another good app which has over 10 years solved paper.

This app is brought you by

this app contains practice papers of JIPMER, AIIMS, NEET, and AIPMT. Question papers are available for all these exams.

It is available for free as model papers for JIPMER and AIPMT.

It has got the rating of 4.1 in Google play store.

Around 5 lakhs downloads till now.

It requires android 4.0.3 and up. It has got mixed reviews. Be sure that when you’re online you will get to see so many third-party apps.



7. NEET 2018 (Offered by Sana Edutech)

NEET_appsIt is also an active app for current year NEET examinations. It helps you in understanding the past question papers so that you can prepare yourself to do 2018 exams.

PCB subjects are covered; all questions are presented in a quiz format for your practice evaluation process is also included in this app.

This app features includes-ability to voice read out, the option to share question and answers with your friends, image can be zoomed and even text also. Time-limit in respect to the mode of exams is there. Practice mode, no limits on practice papers etc. are there.

This app claims to be useful even you are taking coaching from Aakash, Byjus like classes. It also says that you will feel like that you’re giving an actual exam by yourself.

This app has got the rating of 4.4 in Google play store. Over 5 lakhs students have downloaded it already.

It has in app products costing  ₹ 400 per item.

It requires android 4.0.3 and up. This app has got good positive reviews also, it is active as it gets updated on day-to-day basis and also supports latest android version that is android 8.0


This is our personal opinion regarding all these applications and we do not claim that one is better than another. There is numerous amount of applications available on the Internet, one can find the other app useful. This article is just for the best advice for the students who are going to appear in medical examination we wish them the best of luck for the exams.

For any query, please reply to comment section and will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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